Hotel PL.A Residency - Tanjore
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♦ Brihadeeswara Temple ♦ Royal Palace
♦ Art Gallery ♦ Nandi Bull
♦ Our Lady of Sorrow Church ♦ Schwartz Church
♦ Vijayanagara Fort ♦ Chandra Temple
Bar - Temptations
Most Happening
“Temptation” bar is a unique-style bar, which serves a wide range of exotic drinks from whiskey and wines to special cocktails. The bar is not only famous for its quality drinks but also hosts a good range of dishes and it’s an enchanting place with a cool atmosphere. Take a chance, and even if you’re just drinking alone or with a pal, get lost in the breezy combination of exotic drinks and exotic music.
Embracing Nightlife
Well-stocked and cozy the total hospitality of the bartenders, who prepare your special drink or cocktail, which you wish for with personal touches, ensures your transformation from a guest to a very special person with your favorite drinks. It offers the widest range of liquors and guarantees a perfect evening with wines, champagnes, cognac, world spirits, American whiskeys or finest malts.
Relax Over
It is the ideal place for a rendezvous with friends over a glass of wine, beer from around the world or your favorite cocktail. Drop in for a drink in the sensuous space with a chic, stylish environment before dinner or after a night in town to unwind from your busy day in. Ours is one of the few cocktails bars serving freshly made Martinis and exotic drinks from the smooth and fun to the outrageous.
The glasses will keep clinking!

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